When You Should Replace Your Roof in San Antonio, Texas

Roofs often come with a long life expectancy. There are a few factors that can impact the longevity of the roof but the average roof can last fifteen to thirty years.

Factors that can shorten the lifespan of a roof include:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Inferrior roofing products
  • Climates that experience 4 true seasons a year

Extreme weather conditions are unfortunate occurrences that can shorten the life of a roof because of their damaging factors. Pretty much every region within the United States will experience some type of degree of extreme weather. Coastal regions are prone to hurricanes and high winds along with heavy rains. The desert region often has monsoon season that can cause extreme rain and winds as well as lightening. Mountain zones gain excessive amounts of snow and even avalanche and ice conditions. Homeowners that do not properly clean out gutters in the fall months can inadvertently damage their roofs. The leafs that are built up in the gutters can cause water to damn. When the temperatures drop ice damming can occur and this will cause damage to the roof shingles near the gutters. The Midwest is known for tornado season. The high winds that the storms produce can easily rip shingles off of roofs and send tree branches and other projectiles careening into roofs.

Inferior roofing products can result in a shortened life expectancy for a roof. Homeowners always hope for the best when they have a house built. In some cases subdivisions pop up so fast that contractors focus on quantity over quality. This is by no means the normal and reputable builders want their products to be of high quality but unfortunately this is not always the case. If a home is put together quickly so the builder can move on to the next home there will most likely be more problems than an inferior roof.

Another factor that can contribute to a shortened life expectancy on a roof is the location of the roof. Regions in the United States that experience four true seasons a year typically see a shortened life span. The shingles are exposed to extreme high temperatures as well as extreme low temperatures. These roofs also weather due to rain and snow.

Being aware of these conditions that can shorten a roofs’ life is just the first step for home owners. It is unrealistic to expect your roof to last forever. As a home owner you have to perform some maintenance to help the longevity of your roof. Make sure you are properly clearing gutters to prevent water damage and ice damming. You should also have any holes created from satellite dishes or other fixtures repaired properly. If you notice damage from a storm you should have it repaired by a reputable roofing company in San Antonio TX.

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Roofers are trained to spot damage and assess the fix.

Tips for Having Your Roof Replaced

When it comes time to have your roof replaced you will notice a few signs of wear and tear. In some cases roofing shingles will be missing entirely. In other situations you will notice cracking and pealing of the roof tiles. If you experience any leaks in your home you should quickly have a roofing contractor come out and examine your roof.

Finding the right contractor is important. You want to make sure you are having a high quality roof installed by a licensed and certified crew.

There are a few ways to find the right installation company:

  • Ask neighbors what company they utilized
  • Contact your insurance agent fora recommendation
  • Research online at contractor service sites

The warm weather months are the most common for roof replacement. From Spring to Fall you will notice an influx of roofers in residential neighborhoods. Take a walk and notice the work being performed. After the roof is done ask the home owner if they were happy with the process and the company that they used. This is a great time to scout out multiple companies while they work and witness the process from start to finish. You can also search online and review customer feedback for these companies to help you in your decision making process.

When you need to have roof repair performed you can contact your insurance company. Agents deal with storm damage and roof repair companies all of the time. They often keep a list of companies that they specifically like to work with. This is a great resource if your home needs repairs or replacement due to storm damage. Even under normal wear and tear situations your agent will be able to recommend a reliable company. One thing is certain, when it is time to replace or repair your roof you should not wait. Water damage can be a serious problem that can result in mold and a bad roof can allow water to enter into your home. Notice the signs of roof damage and act accordingly for your home repair.